Election in the Classroom


Student News Daily

Bring the 2014 election into the classroom with resources found at Student News Daily, covering:

– Governors
– US Senate
– US House
– Ballot Measures
– Maps, Polls, Editorials
…and much more.

Find this at studentnewsdaily.com/election-resources-for-teachers/

Also, did you miss this…

Current events news articles with pre-written questions, background and resources are posted at  StudentNewsDaily.com.

Answers to the questions are provided through our free “Answers” email service.  Sign up for the daily email at: StudentNewsDaily.com/signup-for-email/

Teacher response to Student News Daily:

“Student Daily News is something that I use on a regular basis. The articles are useful because they are applicable to our studies and to student life. Some of the articles that I introduce have a subject that was unknown to most students prior to that time. They hear about it later and are quick to report back to me. The news is engaging and interesting!” —Social Studies teacher Stephanie H., Austin, Texas

“I have been using the Daily News Article for a few years now in my classroom. I really like the format of the articles. I teach in an inner-city area where our students don’t get a lot of news, so this exposure is very important for them. I like the length of the articles and the format of the questions at the end. Thank you so much for the work that you do to bring current events into the classroom.” —Jennifer B., California

“I love you guys! I teach AP US Government, AP US History and World History, and have been able to use quite a few of your articles. I especially love the background material that you provide for each article – helps raise the “common core” reading levels. I am recommending you to my department, as well as our entire staff.” —D.E., Social Studies Dept. Chair

People Loving People Mapping

 The People Loving People Mapping Project: Kindness Challenge from October 22 through November 21, 2014.


Any K-12 school in the country can participate.  The top-performing school in the country from all schools that map at least 500 acts of kindness bv 5 pm EST on Friday, November 21st (the end of Geography Awareness Week) will receive a $500 award to support geographic education for their school compliments of The Georgia Geographic Alliance and the Atlanta Community Mapping and Research Project.


We hope you will consider joining the mapping movement.  We are in the process of running a similar statewide mapping challenge for $500 to the top-performing GA school (ends this Friday) and teachers are loving it!   Please let me know if you have any questions, and we appreciate your support of geographic education and this nationwide project.  Do let me know how I might be able to help your Alliance spread the word!  I’ve attached a flier and cut-out cards that you can feel free to share and/or modify.


History Lab Resources from UMBC:


For those of you who love PBL you will love history labs, basically same concept.  The resource below is great with many lessons plans and labs.  It also has how to videos and a lab template.



What is a History Lab?

A preponderance of research in the field of history education has demonstrated that effective teaching of the subject relies on active student learning of the reading, writing and analytical skills involved in historical inquiry. By actively investigating the past, rather than passively memorizing ready-made facts or accounts assembled by others, students strengthen their critical reading and writing skills, and improve their ability to handle and retain vital content information. They also develop a sense of control and ownership of the knowledge they assemble that fosters genuine and lasting interest in the subject.

In a History Lab, students:

  • Seek to answer an open-ended overarching questionthat permits multiple possible answers;
  • Analyze sourcesand apply information to develop answers to the overarching question;
  • Apply literacy skillsin the reading, evaluation and analysis of historical sources;
  • Critically examine source materials for authorship and purpose, significant information, context and subtext, and multiple or conflicting perspectives;
  • Apply grade-level and ability-appropriate interpretive skills;
  • Adjust or modify the overarching question itself, as necessary;
  • Develop present, defend, and refine their evidence-based answers.


“Lemonade Day ” -May 3rd

WV Lemonade Day 2015 = DOWNLOAD PDF

West Virginia Lemonade Day is a FREE community-wide educational program designed to teach youth how to start own and operate their own business through a lemonade stand. Give your students the opportunity to learn crucial life lessons through hands-on experience!

Lemonade Day helps youth learn to:

• Set Goals
• Plan for Success
• Find Investors
• Advertise Their Product • Build A Stand

• Purchase Supplies • Make A Product

• Serve Their Customers •Account For Sales and Expenses • Open A Bank Account
• Give Back To The Community

To learn more on how to participate, email Matthew@LemonadeDay.org


Amazon Rainforest PD Workshop

On Behalf of Christa at Amazon Workshops:

Subject: $1000 Scholarships for Amazon Rainforest PD Workshop

Educator Academy in the Amazon Rainforest + Machu Picchu

The July 1-11, 2015 Educator Academy in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru is a cross-curricular professional development workshop for K-12 formal and informal educators to learn and use:

  • 21st Century Instruction:  5E Lesson Design ~ Inquiry-Based Exploration ~ STEM
  • Inquiry Protocols & Resources:  Project Learning Tree ~ Cornell Lab of Ornithology ~ & More!
  • Global and Cultural Perspectives:  Service Learning ~ Sustainability ~ Global Education

Join Al Stenstrup, Project Learning Tree (PLT); Lilly Briggs (Cornell Lab of Ornithology), Christa Dillabaugh, Amazon Rainforest Workshops; and Dr. David Pearson, Wildlife Travellers’ Guide to Peru; and work side-by-side with scientists Dr. Steve Madigosky, Widener University; and Randy Morgan, Curator/Entomologist, Cincinnati Zoo as you:

  • Participate in citizen science projects and inquiry based field studies on a 1/4-mile Rainforest Canopy Walkway in one of the most biologically diverse environments on the planet.
  • Spend a day in an Amazon village as you explore the complexities of sustainability and the role of education in creating a sustainable future for Amazon children.
  • Work with fellow educators to explore strategies for using the Amazon as a vehicle for incorporating STEM education, inquiry-based learning, and sustainability science education into your classroom.

PLT Certification, BirdSleuth resources and 50 ASU PD Hours included. Academic Credit and Machu Picchu Extension optional.  $1000 scholarship deadline March 1, 2015.  Program cost is $1240 + air for scholarship recipients. Space is limited! Register early to secure your spot!

Get the details and download a syllabus and scholarship application at: http://www.amazonworkshops.com/educator-academy.html

Contact christa@amazonworkshops.com or 1-800-431-2624 for more information.