witness and legacy


            This is the third series of lectures and activities to focus on

             a topic pertinent to today’s society





         West Virginia Department of Education and the Arts

         West Virginia Division of Culture and History

         CAMC Health System, Inc.

         The Bernard H. and Blanche E. Jacobson Foundation

         Federated Jewish Charities of Charleston

        Kanawha County Schools



         Dr. Steven J. Jubelirer

         Millie Snyder

         Dr. and Mrs. William and Ann Harris

         Betty Schoenbaum

         Dwight Foley

         Helen Lodge



         Baptist Temple

         Charleston Civic Center

         Clay Center of the Arts and Sciences of West Virginia

         University of Charleston

         B’nai Jacob Ladies Auxiliary

         Temple Israel Sisterhood

         Other generous individuals and businesses



         West Virginia Youth Symphony

         Appalachian Children’s Chorus

         St. Albans School of Dance

      New River City Youth Ballet Ensemble


The purpose of the series is to educate the public as to the actual happenings during that horrendous period in our history and to impart the importance of tolerance, hope, acceptance and respect – not to stereotype individuals based on religious belief, color of skin or national origin.  The series stresses the importance of positive thinking, as well as creativity and inner strength to overcome adversity.  The lectures give creditably to the cord that binds us as human beings.


The series is

co-chaired by Dr. Steven Jubelirer and Helen Lodge


Natalie Hoblitzell, Brian O’Connell and Andrea Williams

George Washington High School

Travis Baldwin

Sissonville High School and University of Charleston

Jack Lyons 

St. Albans High School

Carma Peters

WV University Institute of Technology and WV State University

Robert “Joey” Wiseman

WV Dept. of Education – Office of Secondary Learning


Rabbi Victor Urecki – B’nai Jacob Synagogue

Rabbi James Cohn – Temple Israel



Mon. Oct. 13th – Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences of WV – One Leon Sullivan Way – Returning for the third series is renown writer and lecturer, Dr. Michael Berenbaum.  He will open the series with “Remembering the Holocaust in the Age of GenocideolHo”.  Survivors took two vows in the aftermath of the Holocaust: Remember Do Not Let the World Forget and Never Again, never again for the Jewish people and never again for all of humanity.  Yet the specter of Genocide has raised its head again and again In our world and inour time; so how do we remember the past in the shadows of recurring genocide? And how to remember in such a way as to fulfill their vow: Never Again!  ADMISSION FREE – Pick up tickets at the Clay Center box office prior to the event or that evening.  The Lovely Ladies String Quartet from the West Virginia Youth Symphony will open the Holocaust Remembered series and activities.


Thurs. Oct. 23rd – University of Charleston – Riggleman Hall Auditorium,   2900 MacCorkle Avenue – U.S. Holocaust Museum’s Senior Advisor on Archives, Henry Mayer, will present compelling evidence of the planning of the Holocaust – It only took 17 years – the search for the Alfred Rosenberg Diary”.  UC’s President Dr. Edwin Welch will engage Mayer in a conversational interview about the search for and contents of the diary.   Rosenberg, the chief theoretician for the Nazi party and state oversaw the slaughter of millions of people through firing squads, starvation and forced and slave labor.   He also oversaw the organization that plundered literally millions of pieces of art, furnishings and of other cultural treasures from individuals and from national cultural and historical  institutions from almost the entire European Continent.  West Virginia Youth Symphony harpist, Chance Messer, will perform prior to the lecture.


Sat. Oct. 25th – B’nai Jacob Synagogue-1599 Virginia Avenue – “Understanding Jewish Worship” 10:45 a.m. – Rabbi Victor Urecki will follow the (8:45 a.m. – 10:45.a.m.) Jewish Sabbath Morning service with an interactive explanation of the structure, customs and traditions of the sacred liturgy of Judaism.  This provides the community with the opportunity to discover and understand Jewish worship.  A luncheon will follow the service.


Mon. Oct. 27th – The WV Culture Center, State Capitol Complex – Fred Mayer – “The Real and Inglorious Bastards” – Fred fled Germany for New York City in 1938.   He joined the U.S. Army, becoming a secret agent with the OSS (precursor to the CIA).  Leading one of the most daring spy missions of World War II, Fred parachuted into Austria where he collected valuable information for the Allies.  He was later caught, beaten for days and finally released with the aid of a sympathetic doctor.  He went on to single-handedly negotiate the surrender of Innsbruck, saving thousands of lives.  Fred, 93, lives in Charlestown, WV.  Following  a showing of “The Real and Glorious Bastards”, Fred will be interviewed by Wes Holden, with questions from the audience.   Preceding the program, St. Albans Studio of Dance will perform to the “Theme from Schindler’s List”.  A reception will follow Mr. Mayer’s presentation and during the viewings of the photographs of James H. Hall.


Mon. Nov. 17th – Baptist Temple, 209 Morris Street – Philip Bialowitz – “Bearing  Witness – A Promise to Sobibor” – Philip was 14 when he arrived at the  Sobibor death camp.  It was to become the scene of a famous prisoners’ revolt, one of the rare successful concentration camp uprising. In 1943, 600 prisoners overran Nazi staff and guards. 300 escaped the camp, 50 made it to the end of the war and 7 survive today.  Bialowitz will  recount some of this period and suggest other resource material.  His talk will be preceded by  a presentation of Hebrew songs by the Appalachian Children’s Chorus.  His talk will  be  preceded by a presentation of Hebrew songs by the Appalachian Children’s Chorus.


Tues. Dec. 2nd – Charleston WV Civic Center – Little Theater – 200 Civic Center Drive – Marion Blumenthal Lazan – “Four Perfect Pebbles – A Holocaust Story” recounts Marion’s imprisonment at age 7.  Surviving several refugee, transit and concentration camps, that included the notorious Bergen-Belsen in Germany.  Her story is one of horror and hardship, but it is also a story of courage, hope and the will to survive.  She stresses tolerance and respect of others and the importance of positive thinking as well as creativity and inner strength to overcome adversity.  Her presentation will be preceded by a short performance by students of the River City Youth Ballet Ensemble.  Ms. Lazan will speak to approximately 1200 students, grades 5 to 12, the following day.


Other activities planned include:

Park Place Stadium Cinema – 600 Washington Street, East – “THE BOOK THIEF” –- Oct. 17 – 23 (Fri. – Thurs) – Show times: 1:004:007:00 and 9:40 p.m. Compliments of Park Place Cinemas.  The Book Thief is an American German World War II drama about a young girl whose mother had to flee because she was a Communist who is raised by foster parents who teach her to read.  As the war progresses and the situation of Jews becomes ever more precarious her foster parents shelter a Jewish boy whose dangerous and lonely existence is migrated by the books that are read to him.  Events of the Nazi in power from the Bookburnings to Kristallnacht and the unfolding of the Holocaust and the deportation of Jews to death camps serve as a background that adds power and poignancy to a story that is deeply personal.  Directed by Brian Percival, the film stars Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson and Sophie Nelisse and was nominated for an Academy Awards and a Golden Globe.


Starting October 20th – October 28th – “How Could It Happen – through the eyes of a West Virginian” – the photographs of the late James H. Hall of Mink Shoals, will be on display at the WV Culture Center.  Mr. Hall was one of the first Allied soldiers to enter the Dachau concentration camp at the liberation of its prisoners.  His job was to photograph to document the misery of Dachau and to track down those who created it.  He carried a U. S. Army Investigator’s pass, signed by General Patton in seven languages.  The photographs track the liberation through the war crimes tribunal, with riveting written comments by Mr. Hall.


A Holocaust education workshop for teachers of five counties will be held at the Culture Center on Saturday, October 18th.  Teachers will learn the timeline of the Holocaust, learn how to present the sensitive materials in the classroom, become familiar with resource materials and tour both the photographs of the late James H. Hall, and the Division of Culture and History’s World War II Museum. To register e-mail: boconnell@kcs.kana.k12.wv.us

A literature writing contest in Kanawha County Schools for grades 6 to 12.  The contest provides enriching academic and community opportunities meant to broaden the student’s understanding of social injustices. An awards ceremony and film presentation will be held at The Culture Center on October 21st for parents, students and guest – 6:00 P.M.  Student Holocaust art work will also be on display.  For information, contact: awilliams@mail.kana.k12.wv.usor nhoblitzell@mail.kana.k12.wv.us .


For additional information, call Helen Lodge:  304-925-8828.

Girls’ Day at the Legislature


2015 Girls Day Flyer

Girls’ Day at the Legislature, which is happening at the State Capitol Complex in Charleston on Tuesday, February 3, 2015. The first of its kind, Girls’ Day at the Legislature is a unique civic education experience where participants will learn the ins and outs of government and public policy through hands-on activities and mindful leadership practices.  The knowledge and skills obtained at this event will enrich the girls’ lives, staying with them throughout their studies and personal motivations. 


Girls Day – Letter to Schools

Girls’ Day at the Legislature is open to any female high school student between the ages of 13 and 18 and offers a hands-on learning environment for civic education.  Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a Mock Legislature, tour the State Capitol, meet their elected officials, and voice their concerns and ideas at a Youth Forum with state lawmakers.  Student participation is free and includes breakfast and lunch; however, participation is limited to 125 students.

Civics Trivia

On behalf of Kandi Greter:


Beginning Monday October 6, 2015, The WV Supreme Court of Appeals will be posting Civics Trivia questions for teachers and students to research and answer. 

Test Your Civics Knowledge with Marble Mondayhttp://bit.ly/1zA2Avx


For more information contact:

Kandi Greter

Division of Children’s Services

1900 Kanawha Blvd East.

Building 1, Room E-100

Charleston, WV 25305

304-340-2755 Direct Line

304-558-0775 Fax

Greter, Kandi Kandi.Greter@courtswv.gov

Golden Horseshoe 2014-15

        Pin Detail




2014-2015 Golden Horseshoe Testing Schedule



August   Updating Golden Horseshoe county contacts.
September   Continue Updating Golden Horseshoe county contacts
October 1 Golden Horseshoe Online Multiple Choice Test Day schedule is finalized.
October / November Instructional video regarding student programs will be uploaded.
December 2 Private and Home-School student registration for Golden Horseshoe testing begins.  (See Golden Horseshoe Registration Form blow under the headings Registering Your County’s Students to Take the Golden Horseshoe Testand Forms.)
January  3 


Deadline to request Braille TestDeadline to submit county WV Studies teachers’ names and e-mail addresses.

Practice test on Acuity become available for students.  (Practice tests are posted once a week on Fridays.)

February 1020






Golden Horseshoe Written Essay Test for ALL counties.Essay test must be in the WVDE Office of Secondary Learning.

Private and Home-School students registrations are due to the WVDE Office of Secondary Learning.

All students must have logged into Acuity to test their usernames and passwords.

All Practice tests on Acuity are turned off.


Golden Horseshoe Online Multiple Choice Testing (County test schedule is above).

March 3-66


23-April 3

Golden Horseshoe Online Multiple Choice Testing.  (County test schedule is above.)  FAYETTE- MARCH 4Deadline to nominate an Honorary Golden Horseshoe recipient.

Golden Horseshoe winners will be sent to counties and Winner and Honorary Packets will be mailed.



Golden Horseshoe winners will be sent to counties and Winner and Honorary Packets will be mailed.Deadline for name corrections for the program, certificate and name badges.
May 1Mid-Month Golden Horseshoe Ceremony, Capitol Complex.Golden Horseshoe Online Multiple Choice Test scores are e-mailed to the county superintendent.


Golden Horseshoe Information


Preparing for the Golden Horseshoe Essay and Multiple Choice Online Test

Essay Test: Sample Essays from 2012-2013Other practice essays can be found at the end of the page under Forms.

Essay Test Lines: PDF

Golden Horseshoe Preparation Page: http://www.wvculture.org/history/goldenhorseshoeprep.html


Registering your county’s students to take the Golden Horseshoe Test

Any 8th grade student can take the Golden Horseshoe Test one time.  We use the Acuity system for administering the actual online Golden Horseshoe Test.  For those students who have not used Acuity before, we provide practice tests so that students can become familiar with the site before the actual test date.  We request that all students test their usernames and passwords by FEBRUARY 23.


Both home and private school students are eligible to take the test.  All students must be registered using the Golden Horseshoe Registration form by MARCH 3.  The form must be filled out completely and correctly.  If the form is not completely correct, the form will be returned and the student(s) will not be registered.

Registration Process

Public school students do not need to be registered.  The Office of Assessment does a batch enrollment from the WVEIS system.  The students’ usernames are their student ID numbers.


Once correctly completed registrations have been received by the WVDE Office of Secondary Learning, the registration forms are submitted to the Office of Assessment and Accountability once a week for a batch enrollment.  It takes about a week to a week-and-a-half to get the students enrolled.  If you have not heard from Veronica Barron 2 weeks after submitting the registration form please send an e-mail to vbarron@k12.wv.us.

Home-School Students

Home-school students will need to be registered to take the test.  The registration form can only be completed by a teacher, counselor or a school/county administrator were the student would normally have attend public school.  We do not permit parents to submit the registration form because the county/school needs to know that the student is planning on participating.  Once the student has been enrolled, we will e-mail the person who submitted the registration with the students information and instructions.  NOTE:  Home-school students are required to go the school that they would normally have attended to take the Essay Test and the Online Golden Horseshoe Test.

Private School Students

Private schools can participate as long as they have a school code and complete the registration form.  The school code and county code can be obtained from the Master School Code website at http://jo.my/countyschoolcode, by selecting the county the school is located in and then scrolling through the list of schools.  NOTE:  Private schools must take the essay test and online Golden Horseshoe test on the same day as the rest of the county.  Private schools should notify the county Golden Horseshoe County Contact that they are participating so that information can be distributed to the school.


If a private school does not have a school code, one can be obtained by contacting the Office of Information Systems at 304-558-8869.


Golden Horseshoe Registration Form 


Take the Test

Where to Log Into Acuity?

Other Servers

















































Institutional Ed. Programs

Private Schools – acuityathome.comBrooke – acuity.brook.k12.wv.us

Cabell – acuity.cabe.k12.wv.us

Greenbrier – acuity.gree.k12.wv.us

Harrison – acuity.harr.k12.wv.us

Jefferson – acuity.jeff.k12.wv.us

Kanawha – acuity.kana.k12.wv.us

Mercer – acuity.merc.k12.wv.us

Wood – acuity.wood.k12.wv.us


FAYETTE–  acuity.south.k12.wv.us

Essay Test

The essay test is not required and if a student chooses not to complete the essay it does NOT disqualify them from taking the online Golden Horseshoe Test.  The essay test is used to break a tie between scores for the online test.


The essay test is scheduled for February 10.  Two weeks prior to the test we will e-mail the essay question to the Golden Horseshoe County Contact.  We ask that the Golden Horseshoe County Contact distribute the essay test to their schools, pick the essay test back-up and send the entire county’s essay test back to the WVDE in one envelope.  In case your county is spread out, the individual schools can return the essay tests directly back to the WVDE Office of Secondary Learning.  We recommend that you send the tests back with sometime of tracking number in case the package is misplaced by the Post Office.

  • The essay test CAN be administered by the regular WV studies teacher in a regular 40-45 minute class period.
  • The teacher/test administrator will be asked to complete a confidentiality agreement and an absentee roster.  The absentee roster should include students who are absent the day of the essay test and any student who chooses NOT to take the essay test


Incase of a snow day, please contact the WVDE Office of Secondary Learning at 304-558-5325 and ask for Joey Wiseman or Veronica Barron.  Otherwise, there are NO MAKEUP DAYS for the essay test.  If a student is absent the day of the essay test, he/she may NOT make it up.

Essay Test Forms

Absentee Roster       PDF       Word

Essay Test Confidentiality Agreement         PDF


Online Golden Horseshoe Test  March 4- Fayette County

The online test is a 50 multiple choice question test that can be completed in 40-45 minutes.

Test proctor/Moderator
    • The test proctor/moderator/administrator MUST NOT be the regular classroom teacher for the online Golden Horseshoe Test.
    • The test will be turned on at 7 AM each morning and off at 3:45 PM each afternoon.
    • The test is timed by the proctors/moderators and students should be allowed 40-45 minutes to take the test.  The Acuity site will NOT shut the test down after 40-45 minutes.
    • If a student has an IEP that requires classroom accommodations, please provide those accommodations.  For example, if a student requires extra time, please give that student extra time.  If a student requires someone to read to them, please arrange for someone to read the test to the studen


The regular WV Studies teacher may NOT administer the Online Golden Horseshoe Test to the students.  The WVDE requires an online confidentiality agreement stating that the test administrator is NOT the regular WV Studies teacher and will keep all information regarding the Golden Horseshoe test confidential.  This confidentiality agreement must be signed 3 days prior to the county’s scheduled test day.  We recommend that you have all the teachers and test administrators complete the confidentiality agreement on an ISE day to make sure all teachers and test administrators are familiar with the test’s regulations.


Internet Usage Tips on Test Day

  • We suggest that you ask all other computer users to refrain from downloading or tying up the broadband.
  • If there is an internet slow down, please allow the students sufficient time to make the test fair.
  • If a student is kicked off the Internet, just have them log back in.  As long as the student has not submitted the test he/she can reenter the test


During the month of March, please notify use of any new or transfer students.  We will need to make sure that he/she has an Acuity account and the account reflects the correct county they are testing in.


After the testing is complete, all absentee rosters will need to be e-mailed/faxed to the WVDE Office of Secondary Learning.  We will check to make sure that the county’s winners are not on the absentee list before declaring them actual winners.

Online Test Forms

Test Day Tips          PDF

Absentee Roster       PDF      Word

Online Test Confidentiality Agreement   Word      Multiple Signatures Word

  • Three Days prior to the test
    • FAX to 304-558-1834E-mail a scanned copy to rjwisema@k12.wv.us
    • Mail to WVDE, ATTN: Robert “Joey” Wiseman, 1900 Kanawha Boulevard East, Building 6 Rm 603, Charleston, WV  25305

Test Day Tips    PDF



The number of winners is determined by population but every county is given a minimum of two winners.  The bigger the county is the more winners they will have.  The Golden Horseshoe test is a competition within a county NOT within the state.  We do not have average scores for the state or counties.


As we begin getting the winners, we will send the list of winners to the superintendent and the county contact.  Please stress to your teachers we will not be sending the scores to the counties until the middle of May.


We will send information directly to the students and their families about the Ceremony.  If a teacher/test administrator would like to attend, we have extra seating in the lobby area where a closed circuit TV is set up or they can participate behind the scenes by being an escort.

Honorary Nominations

Each year it is customary to honor selected educators or individuals who have made an outstanding contribute to West Virginia, West Virginia Studies and/or Golden Horseshoe program by naming them as Honorary Knights or Ladies of the Golden Horseshoe.  An individual is nominated by the county superintendent only .  Each county superintendent may nominate only one person per year.  Only 10 persons a year may receive the award.  In the event more than 10 nominations are received, a committee will review all nominations and select the ten most deserving nominees.  To nominate an individual , please complete the online form at.Golden Horseshoe Online Honorary Nomination Form


Absentee Roster  Word   PDF

Confidentiality Agreement Essay Test  PDF

Confidentiality Agreement Online Test Word   Multiple Signatures Word 

Essay Lines  PDF

Golden Horseshoe Registration Form  Excel 

Practice Essays  PDF

Practice Multiple Choice Questions  PDF 

Practice Answer Key   PDF 

Test Day Tips    PDF


2012-2013 Golden Horseshoe Ceremony Video 

2012-2013 Golden Horseshoe Program

2013-2014 Golden Horseshoe Ceremony Video

2013-2014 Golden Horseshoe Program


West Virginia Golden Horseshoe Winner Database 

If you have like to replace a Golden horseshoe pin, please visit the Lost Pin Replace page 

Contact Information

Social Studies Coordinator, Robert “Joey” Wiseman (rjwisema@k12.wv.us)

Assistant, Veronica Barron (vbarron@k12.wv.us)

Office of Secondary Learning

Phone:  304-558-5325                 FAX:  304-558-1834

1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East, Building 6 Room 603, Charleston, WV  25305

Above Courtesy:  WVDE     http://wvde.state.wv.us/socialstudies/goldenhorseshoe.html