Golden Horseshoe Practice Tests

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Golden Horseshoe Practice Tests are up and running on Acuity.  There are five practice tests this year that are all preloaded.  They are labeled Practice test 1-5 GH 2014.  Private and home school students may not have their practice tests visible as soon as they get their log-on.  However, if the tests are not available the following Monday after receiving your login information, please contact my office and we will try and remedy the situation quickly.



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NHD Google Hangouts

National History Day Teachers:

Only one week until our first Google Hangout! 

During this time of year many of your students are either starting or are already hard at work on their 2014 National History Day (NHD) projects. We know each project is a worthwhile undertaking that requires dedication, and we want to provide your students with the tools they need to succeed. To help students NHD is offering new activities designed to assist students in developing their performance, website, documentary, exhibit, or paper. This month and next, NHD is hosting a series of Google Hangouts with industry experts to help students learn more about the craft of these projects.

You and your students are welcome to join us for any of the following Google Hangouts:

  • Performances – Tuesday, January 21
  • Websites – Tuesday, January 28
  • Exhibits – Thursday, January 30
  • Papers – Tuesday, February 4
  • Documentaries – Thursday, February 6

Below is a flyer with additional information on each of the Google Hangouts. All Google Hangouts begin at 7pm ET /4pm PT and students can pre-register for the event by going to!

National History Day | Classroom Connection

Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr.

Assistant Director

Office of Secondary Learning

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Social Studies

Marshall Immersion Workshop

On behalf of Carolyn Wyrsch, Marshall Immersion Workshop Co-Director

“A Visionary Adventure across Continents:”

The Marshall Immersion Workshop, July 21 – 25, 2014

The George C. Marshall International Center announces the 12th Annual Marshall Immersion Workshop, promising an exciting professional and collegial experience for high school-level American and modern European history teachers, and social studies supervisors. During the workshop, all expenses  are paid during the workshop  to include food (excluding one evening during the workshop, and the night of arrival and departure from the workshop), 6 nights of lodging and transportation during the workshop,  and participants receive free materials, and re-certification points.

The workshop focuses on the far-reaching impact of the European Recovery Program (ERP) commonly known as “The Marshall Plan.”  The week-long program begins at Marshall’s museum home, the Marshall House, in Leesburg, VA. Using a series of primary documents from the Truman Library and the Marshall Archives, participants will gain a better understanding of the life and remarkable legacy of Secretary of State Marshall,  specifically his significant role in securing the passage of the ERP.

Through a partnership developed with the United States Department of State, participants will have the unique opportunity to experience an afternoon of learning at the department’s United States Diplomacy Center in Washington, D.C., and will have a tour of the historic diplomatic reception rooms there.

Teachers will complete the week at the Marshall Museum and Library in Lexington, Virginia. There they will study original documents, including his personal copy of the June 5, 1947  Harvard speech outlining the key concepts of the ERP, that relate to and reveal the background of some of Marshall’s most important decisions.

In addition to the planned ten participants from the United States, it is expected that there will be several teachers from Europe (ex. Austria and Germany, Marshall Plan recipient countries) will be participating in this year’s workshop.  This will provide an opportunity for interaction through the exchange of ideas and perspectives on how the workshop materials and content might benefit their respective classroom instruction.

 See attached document for more information and application:

 Marshall Immersion Workshop, 2014-2



Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr.

Assistant Director

Office of Secondary Learning

Instructional Materials

Social Studies

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. RESOURCES



Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. saw himself as a servant of humanity, and he wanted his life to be remembered as a life of service to others. In this episode, we’ll look at Dr. King’s legacy of service. We’ll explore how his use of nonviolence was not just a political tool, but a way to demonstrate service to others. Join us as we honor the memory of this great American by talking about service. Your students will:

DISCOVER how Dr. King came to be recognized with a national holiday-and the role that service plays in his special day.

BE INSPIRED by Dr. King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech at the March on Washington.

MEET famous people who were inspired by Dr. King’s message of nonviolence.

FIND OUT how they can get involved with service opportunities in their own community.

Additional Resources and Articles

Breaking Barriers Lesson Plan

“I Have a Dream” Mobiles Activity

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How Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday Became a Holiday

Constitution Daily: The Emotional Copyright Issue over Dr. King’s Speech

Constitution Daily: King’s Indignant Message in “Letter from Birmingham Jail”


Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr.

Assistant Director

Office of Secondary Learning

Instructional Materials

Social Studies