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The program offers free to k12 schools access to AncestryClassroom (Ancestry US content), Fold3 (our military site) and for a year.  This is renewal also at no charge.  There are limitations such as no remote access (at home), nor the students cannot build online trees or post information online.  Ancestry follows the guidelines of COPPA when it comes to minor students.  The student can print, cut/paste or save to jump drive the image.


Ancestry is one of the leading publishers of primary and original documents online.  We happen to specialize in genealogy but most of our primary documents also support curriculum studies from local history, military history, biographies, demographic studies, the immigration story, historical events and famous people.  Whether the classroom would like to do a personal heritage project or study the Civil War, the AncestryK12 program is a great resource to support the teacher/classroom activities.  Also, on the Ancestryk12 site are lesson plans and other documents to help the teacher.  Our partners all have specialization such as Civil War, etc. but work with the k12 community and their resources are also free.  Also, available for no charge is iBook the result of the pilot program working with NC teachers.  The iBook has the teachers talk about their experiences in the classroom using Ancestry original sources for their projects.


I also want to let you know that Ancestry does not do any marketing or placing ads directed to students, teachers, school districts or parents.  This program is completely free and free of all marketing.  Ancestry considers this an investment into students learning in use primary sources and developing critical thinking skills.  Skills that the students can use throughout their life time.


I have attached the flyer explaining the program and our latest newsletter.  I included our TN Press Release for your review as well.  If you would like a joint press release is takes us 15 business days to draft a similar one for you.  What we would need is a quote and some back ground information.  We would work with you on the draft.


Because the Milton Middle School has sign up for this program, we noticed that the IP range is really for the entire state, so all the k12 schools have access of this program today.  I hope you let the other schools know about this wonderful resource available to all WV schools.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.



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Kim S. Harrison  5th great granddaughter of Adam Link
Senior Account Executive, Ancestry Library Team
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International Teacher Workshop

International Teacher Workshop: 

Global Environmental Science using Technology (GEST) – Belize/US

July 27-August 3, 2015 in Belize


Science educators of all levels are invited to join us at Belize’s magnificent ocean reef and tropical jungle.

Belize is a wonderfully diverse country in Central America, home to Mayan, Latino, and Garifuna cultures.  The country encompasses the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world and tropical jungles. English is main language.


In these settings, your international team will gather data and develop your own research questions as you hike and snorkel. Meet Belizean experts who will guide our field trips. Educators will inspire each other to design environmental science lesson plans that incorporate multicultural pedagogy, and conduct community service in a local classroom. 

The workshop will entail:

  • Fly to Belize City with other US teachers and leaders, then travel to the tropical jungle research site TREES ( you meet your Belizean colleagues and begin the exciting work of gathering data and designing lesson plans among jungle/stream adventures. Our service project will entail building a shade house and conducting a science/art lesson at the local school. Next our Belizean/ US group travels to a tropical island for research, Tobacco Caye Marine Station( Here we gather more data, finalize our lesson plans, and snorkel among corals and fishes. Package price includes basic accommodations, delicious homemade meals, and group travel inside Belize. Once educators return home, collaboration and process sharing of lesson plans will continue.
  • Cost of workshop: $1,650 (includes airfare + insurance, NOT tips). *Ask about Scholarships*
  • Upon completion of requirements, earn 3 graduate credits through West Liberty University for an additional $180.
  • Send cover letter and resume to Jenny Bardwell, Curriculum Director,


PaxWorks ( is a nonprofit organization focusing on international education with emphasis on hands-on, community based learning. Currently, there are on-going education projects in Nepal, as well as teacher workshops in Belize. Future work is planned for similar efforts in Colombia.

PaxWorks’ Student Collaboration Project teaches girls leadership skills, and fosters analytical thinking as they invest a small grant on behalf of their community.


The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author or organization represented and do not necessarily reflect the views of the WVDE, or its employees.



Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr.

Assistant Director

Instructional Materials

Social Studies

WVDE Office of Secondary Learning

Money Smart Week- due 4/9/15


Money Smart Week Event April 19-25, 2015

Money Smart Week Essay Contest

Deadline to Enter and has to be post marked or emailed by April 9, 2015

 Open to all Students in Grades 6-8 in West Virginia Only

Please answer this three part question- see typing instruction after the question.

What do you plan to do after high school-attend college, take vocational training, join the military or another choice? Will you continue to live with family or relocate to achieve your goals?  What financial decisions do you need to make to prepare for your future?

Essay must be only one page, double-spaced, 1-inch page margins, 12 point New Times Roman font.  Essay MUST HAVE SIGN UP SHEET ATTACHED completely filled out. GO TO for Sign Up Sheet Forms.

Winning students from each grade and a grand prize winner will receive a Smart 529 College Savings Account and a gift card from AMAZON.

 Please email or mail no later than April 9, 2015. 

If you are mailing please send a message to so that we know that it will be mailed to us.

For questions please call Sally Snyder, at 304-346-9753

Mail essays to:

  Junior Achievement of WV 

  1700 MacCorkle Ave SE

   Charleston, WV  25314

Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr.
Assistant Director
    Instructional Materials
    Social Studies
WVDE Office of Secondary Learning
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Social Studies:
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“The struggle of today is not altogether for today — it is for a vast future also”    Abraham Lincoln

Marshall Immersion Workshop

On behalf of:  Carolyn Wyrsch

A Wonderful Summer Opportunity 
The Marshall Immersion Workshop, July 20 – 24, 2015

“A Visionary Adventure across Continents”

The George C. Marshall International Center announces the 13th Annual Marshall Immersion Workshop, promising an exciting professional and collegial experience for high school-level American and world history teachers, and social studies supervisors.

Once participants arrive for the workshop, all expenses are paid; further, participants receive free materials and 35 re-certification points.
The workshop focuses on the far-reaching impact of the European Recovery Program (ERP) commonly known as “The Marshall Plan.”  The week-long program begins at the Marshall House, Marshall’s museum home in Leesburg, VA. Using a series of primary documents from the Truman Library and the Marshall Archives, participants will gain a better understanding of the life and remarkable legacy of Secretary of State Marshall, specifically his significant role in securing the passage of the ERP.

Through a partnership developed with the United States Department of State, participants will have the unique opportunity to experience an afternoon of learning at the department’s United States Diplomacy Center in Washington, D.C., and will have a tour of the historic diplomatic reception rooms there.

Teachers will complete the week at the Marshall Museum and Library in Lexington, Virginia. There they will study original documents related to Marshall’s leadership in World War II and the post-war, including his personal copy of the June 5 Harvard speech outlining the key concepts of the ERP.

In addition to the planned ten participants from the United States, it is expected that five teachers from European countries such as Austria and Germany will be participating in the workshop.  This will provide an opportunity for an exchange of ideas and perspectives regarding how the workshop materials and content might benefit each teacher’s specific classroom instruction.

Please make this information available to the membership of your organization through such methods as you may deem appropriate, such as newsletters, website, e-mail, etc.  The attached document contains more complete descriptive details, the benefits and requirements of the workshop, as well as an application form.  Persons interested in applying may use the attachment or may also simply log onto the George C. Marshall International Center website at

If there is a specific person within your organization, other than the person to whom this e-mail was addressed, who serves as a contact point for this type of program, I would very much appreciate their name, e-mail address and telephone number for future correspondence.

The application deadline is March 17, 2015. For questions, please email me at


Carolyn I. Wyrsch
Workshop Co-Director

Instructional Materials: