National Endowment for the Humanities’ special initiative “A More Perfect Union

With support from the National Endowment for the Humanities’ special initiative “A More Perfect Union,” the West Virginia Humanities Council, the state affiliate of the NEH, seeks to develop a “Civics Toolkit” for use by K-12 state/national history and social studies teachers and students. 


This toolkit, consisting of primary historical documents and multimedia supporting materials, will be designed to promote civics education (knowledge of the operational rules and processes of state, local, and U.S. government) and civic engagement (awareness of how direct individual participation in civic or public life can positively impact state, local, or national conditions).  The Council seeks to offer this toolkit through e-WV: The West Virginia Encyclopedia Online, alongside and supported by that reference work’s established educational resources such as lesson plans and interactive media.


The Council seeks direct input from K-12 subject area instructors as we plan and develop this toolkit.  Accessible at the URL listed below, this brief survey will help the West Virginia Humanities Council develop its Civics Toolkit by soliciting feedback from teachers of West Virginia or U.S. History, Social Studies, and/or Civics.


Please respond in detail to all questions, as applicable to your field or teaching focus.


Responses are requested by April 30, 2022.


Civics Toolkit Survey URL:


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West Virginia Humanities Council

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