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Essay Test: Sample Essays from 2012-2013. Other practice essays can be found at the end of the page under Forms.

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WVDE Teacher Resources

Document-Based Question (DBQ) Exercises Index

clusters Primary Resources

Links to Archives and History digital resources for West Virginia Studies 8th-Grade Standards

WV counties Online Resources by County

A quick way to find resources that Archives and History has online for your county

lesson plans Lesson Plans and Exercises

Archives and History educational Web site and primary source activities for classroom use

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Images for use by teachers in developing their own projects

daily trivia Daily Trivia

A useful tool for students studying for History Bowl and/or the Golden Horseshoe

quiz Quick Quizzes

Multiple-choice quizzes that test knowledge on West Virginia and are a great study tool for the Golden Horseshoe

video clips Audio-Video Clips

Footage of school integration at Matoaka in 1957, the Farmington mine explosion in 1968, and President Franklin Roosevelt and the Mountain State Forest Festival in 1936 and dozens more clips from the collections of the West Virginia State Archives

exhibits Online Exhibits

Archives and History online exhibits on John Brown, statehood, Buffalo Creek, the 1960 presidential primary campaign, gubernatorial inaugurations, and other West Virginia topics

this day On This Day in West Virginia History

Did you know that renowned African American scholar Henry Louis Gates graduated from Piedmont High School on June 12, 1968? Or, that President Abraham Lincoln signed the West Virginia Statehood bill on December 31, 1862? “On This Day . . .” presents one or more events for every day of the year with links to additional information.

photo gallery Photo Gallery

Archives and History photographs and documents that were on display in the gallery area off the Great Hall in the Culture Center


2012-2013 Golden Horseshoe Ceremony Video 

2012-2013 Golden Horseshoe Program

2013-2014 Golden Horseshoe Ceremony Video

2013-2014 Golden Horseshoe Program

2014-2015 Golden Horseshoe Ceremony Video

2014-2015 Golden Horseshoe Program

West Virginia Golden Horseshoe Winner Database 

If you have like to replace a Golden horseshoe pin, please visit the Lost Pin Replace page 

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