African American Black History Month

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is Monday, January 21st, 2013 and it is time to plan  some good activities on African American History as we move through January.

February  is African American Black History Month, and here are some good resources to start your lesson planning.  

The theme for 2013 is “The 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation and commemoration of 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. ”  Check out the  “Association for the Study of African American Life and History” website for information and resources.

West Virginia teachers:

e-WV: The West Virginia Encyclopedia ( is a valuable resource for you and your students during Black History Month. The website includes several articles about the African-American experience:

African-American Heritage:

African-American Education:

African-American Coal Miners:

e-WV also features numerous articles about prominent African-Americans:

Educator Booker T. Washington:

Historian Carter G. Woodson:

Legislator Minnie Buckingham Harper:

Students can test their knowledge of African-American history in the Mountain State by taking one of the many quizzes included on the site:

 e-WV, available to anyone with an Internet connection, includes more than 2,200 articles as well as thousands of illustrations.The online encyclopedia is a project of the West Virginia Humanities Council, which published the print version of the West Virginia Encyclopedia in 2006. If you are already using e-WV in the classroom, thank you! Let us know what you think of the site and how we can improve it.


Becky Calwell, Editor

West Virginia Humanities Council

1310 Kanawha Blvd. E.

Charleston, WV  25301

Liberty Day Project

Liberty Day Project

Founded in 1996 by Andy McKean and his late wife, Kathy, Liberty Day is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), nonpartisan organization dedicated to educating all Americans, but especially the next generation, about the contents of the Constitution of the United States.

Liberty Day Kids with a Colorado State LegislatorLiberty Day and its programs are about working with educators and community organizations to ensure that every child in America knows and understands the essentials of our founding documents. Unlike many self-described nonpartisan organizations, Liberty Day truly strives to be just that. We reach out to Democrats and Republicans alike and have received endorsements from numerous members of both parties, along with independents. Liberty Day is firmly dedicated to the principle of educating youth with no opinions and no interpretations—just the facts.

Liberty Day KidsWhat do we do?

Liberty Day provides teachers with aComplete Educational Resource on the U.S. Constitution. This resource consists of a Teacher’s Packet containing a full lesson plan, two evaluation forms, and a multiple choice pre-test and post-test with which to assess the knowledge gained by the students. These materials accompany the Liberty Day Booklet containing the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and 24 perforated Q&A flashcards on the contents of the Constitution.

The Complete Educational Resource, which was developed by Liberty Day in cooperation teachers, curriculum leaders, and other partners within the field of education, is expressly designed to provide educators with the tools they need to effectively teach the document to their students.

We work alongside members of the community at all levels—from parents and attorneys to elected officials and college studnets—to provide kids, but particularly fifth graders, with engaging and interactive lessons with outside presenters.

To discover more about Liberty Day, our mission and what we do to accomplish our goals, please navigate through the links to the right.

To learn more about Liberty Day’s exciting successes over the last year, click hereto view our 2009 Annual Report.

WV Electoral College Webcast

Date: December 17, 2012
Time: 1:30PM
Event: West Virginia Electoral College Vote Ceremony
Location: Secretary of State’s Office, State Capitol, Charleston

This webcast will include a history of the electoral college, introductions of the five electors, and the actual casting of the five electoral votes from the State of West Virginia.  The webcast will begin at about approximately 1:25 in the afternoon on December 17th.  This is a great way to educate student on how the electoral college works and it brings the election process to life in your classroom.  Real-world events like this often make a lasting impression on the lives of many students.

Secretary of State LIVE Webcast Channel

For more information:


Jake Glance


Joey Wiseman                 

Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr.

Social Studies Coordinator

Office of Instruction

Civics & Law Academy

What is a Civics and Law Academy?

A “Civics and Law Academy” engages young people of middle school and high school age in learning about law and society. The purpose of an Academy is to prepare young people to be participants in our democratic society. In an Academy, knowledgeable, civically active adults share their expertise, experience, and enthusiasm for civic engagement with young participants. Academies may be conducted by lawyers, judges, teachers, youth workers, or other civic leaders. Each Civics and Law Academy provides participants with a minimum of eight (8) hours of curricular focus. As an Academy organizer, you may arrange your instructional hours to suit your specific situation. For example, an Academy may consist of four (4) two hour sessions or two (2) four hour sessions, or it might be planned as an overnight retreat to accommodate the time required.

Joey Wiseman                 

Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr.

Social Studies Coordinator

Office of Instruction

Colonial New England

Living on the Edge of Empire: Alliance, Conflict and Captivity in Colonial New England

An NEH Landmarks Workshop in Deerfield, Massachusetts

July 7 to July 12, 2013 or July 28 to August 2, 2013

Presented by the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, the Living on the Edge of Empire workshop places the Deerfield Raid of 1704 in the broader context of the history of colonial New England.  If you are interested in applying please see the link below for stipend info and application:


Joey Wiseman                 

Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr.

Social Studies Coordinator

Office of Instruction

Constitutional Academy

Constitutional Academy 2013

Your Liberty. Your Future.

July 15-20, 2013

The Constitutional Academy is a program of the Bill of Rights Institute, an educational non-profit organization based in Arlington, Virginia, whose mission is to educate young people about the words and ideas of America’s Founders, the liberties guaranteed in our Founding documents, and how our Founding principles continue to affect and shape a free society.

The Constitutional Academy is designed for high school students who love history, the Constitution, politics, or economics. This program allows students to experience Washington, D.C. through site visits, scholar lectures and discussions, activities, group projects, and college and career information.

At the Constitutional Academy, students learn from college professors and subject-matter experts about how history, economics, politics, and current events connect.

We are looking forward to answering any questions you might have about this wonderful program. Questions? or 703-894-1776 x 15.


High school students who are currently a sophomore, junior, or senior in the 2012-2013 school year are eligible to attend Constitutional Academy during the summer of 2013.

You must be able to travel to Washington, D.C. the week for July 15-20, 2013 for an action-packed week of touring historical sites, digging into the Constitution, and building new friendships.

All applications must be submitted by May 1, 2013 – however, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis – so apply today – and hear back from us sooner!

You won’t be sorry you attended this program!

Joey Wiseman                 

Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr.

Social Studies Coordinator

Office of Instruction