Election in the Classroom


Student News Daily

Bring the 2014 election into the classroom with resources found at Student News Daily, covering:

– Governors
– US Senate
– US House
– Ballot Measures
– Maps, Polls, Editorials
…and much more.

Find this at studentnewsdaily.com/election-resources-for-teachers/

Also, did you miss this…

Current events news articles with pre-written questions, background and resources are posted at  StudentNewsDaily.com.

Answers to the questions are provided through our free “Answers” email service.  Sign up for the daily email at: StudentNewsDaily.com/signup-for-email/

Teacher response to Student News Daily:

“Student Daily News is something that I use on a regular basis. The articles are useful because they are applicable to our studies and to student life. Some of the articles that I introduce have a subject that was unknown to most students prior to that time. They hear about it later and are quick to report back to me. The news is engaging and interesting!” —Social Studies teacher Stephanie H., Austin, Texas

“I have been using the Daily News Article for a few years now in my classroom. I really like the format of the articles. I teach in an inner-city area where our students don’t get a lot of news, so this exposure is very important for them. I like the length of the articles and the format of the questions at the end. Thank you so much for the work that you do to bring current events into the classroom.” —Jennifer B., California

“I love you guys! I teach AP US Government, AP US History and World History, and have been able to use quite a few of your articles. I especially love the background material that you provide for each article – helps raise the “common core” reading levels. I am recommending you to my department, as well as our entire staff.” —D.E., Social Studies Dept. Chair