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The program offers free to k12 schools access to AncestryClassroom (Ancestry US content), Fold3 (our military site) and for a year.  This is renewal also at no charge.  There are limitations such as no remote access (at home), nor the students cannot build online trees or post information online.  Ancestry follows the guidelines of COPPA when it comes to minor students.  The student can print, cut/paste or save to jump drive the image.


Ancestry is one of the leading publishers of primary and original documents online.  We happen to specialize in genealogy but most of our primary documents also support curriculum studies from local history, military history, biographies, demographic studies, the immigration story, historical events and famous people.  Whether the classroom would like to do a personal heritage project or study the Civil War, the AncestryK12 program is a great resource to support the teacher/classroom activities.  Also, on the Ancestryk12 site are lesson plans and other documents to help the teacher.  Our partners all have specialization such as Civil War, etc. but work with the k12 community and their resources are also free.  Also, available for no charge is iBook the result of the pilot program working with NC teachers.  The iBook has the teachers talk about their experiences in the classroom using Ancestry original sources for their projects.


I also want to let you know that Ancestry does not do any marketing or placing ads directed to students, teachers, school districts or parents.  This program is completely free and free of all marketing.  Ancestry considers this an investment into students learning in use primary sources and developing critical thinking skills.  Skills that the students can use throughout their life time.


I have attached the flyer explaining the program and our latest newsletter.  I included our TN Press Release for your review as well.  If you would like a joint press release is takes us 15 business days to draft a similar one for you.  What we would need is a quote and some back ground information.  We would work with you on the draft.


Because the Milton Middle School has sign up for this program, we noticed that the IP range is really for the entire state, so all the k12 schools have access of this program today.  I hope you let the other schools know about this wonderful resource available to all WV schools.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.



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