iCivics Survey

This email is for those social studies teachers who are familiar with iCivics products.  iCivics is often asked to make more games and lesson plans for high school students.  We have many high schools that use us, but founder Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has asked us to find out from high school social studies teachers what that means.  Basically, what will it take to make our products “right” for high school?

We’ve developed a short survey (click on the link – should take less than 15 minutes) to help answer that question. Would you please respond to the survey and forward this to any high school teachers you know that are familiar with iCivics products?

Thank you for your valuable time!  Please respond before January 23rd.  If you have any questions or concerns – please do not hesitate to contact me!

Questions to:

Mrs. Jo Boggess Phillips

Ripley High School

Social Studies Teacher

AP Government & Politics, State & Local Government, and Civics

iCivics National Teachers Council


RHS – (304) 372-7355