C3 Framework

C3-Framework-for-Social-Studies final copy

It seems that there is some confusion out in the field about the C3 Framework for social studies.  This document is not common core standards for social studies.  This Framework does not include all that can or should be included in a set of robust social studies standards, and intentionally preserves the critical choices around the selection of curricular content taught at each grade level as a decision best made by each state. The Framework aims to support states in creating standards that prepare young people for ef­fective and successful participation in college, careers, and civic life.

However, this is a great resource for social studies teachers.  The C3 Framework is centered on an Inquiry Arc—a set of interlocking and mutually supportive ideas that frame the ways students learn social studies content. By focusing on inquiry, the framework emphasizes the dis­ciplinary concepts and practices that support students as they develop the capacity to know, analyze, explain, and argue about interdisciplinary challenges in our social world. It includes descriptions of the structure and tools of the disciplines, as well as the habits of mind common in those disciplines

Take time to look at the  document because it is something that all teachers of Social Studies, or those creating PD for social studies, grades k-12 should review.  C# Framework Document:  C3-Framework-for-Social-Studies final copy


Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr.

WVDE Assistant Director

Office of Secondary Learning

Instructional Materials- Social Studies