Rho Kappa -History Honors Society


Is your school interested in fostering a spirit of civic service and a further study of history? 


Science, Math, English, and other departments can boast of having honor societies for their disciplines, but long has History had to go without a framework to honor our scholars and share in service- but no longer!  The National Council for Social Studies established Rho Kappa, the first national history honors society in 2011, and since that time over two hundred chapters have sprung up around the nation.  West Virginia has far too few chapters, though, and to help encourage new chapters the Nitronian Chapter of Nitro High is offering to help any interested school establish their own chapter.


Consider if your students wish to join history students across the nation in dedicating themselves to stimulate a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of all the academic disciplines comprising the social studies curriculum; let us know if we can help!  You can also begin the process right away by contacting Jordan Grote at NCSS or using the NCSS website.  At Nitro High we are willing to share our induction ceremony, bylaws, chapter heraldry, membership invitations and certifications, and virtually any other resource you might need.


The Rho Kappa Honor Society website sponsored by NCSS-


Jordan Grote facilitates Rho Kappa Chapters for the NCSS: jordan@ncss.org

Drew Wendt WV’s first Rho Kappa Chapter Advisor- jwendt@kcs.kana.k12.wv.us


Best wishes for your future successes,

-Drew Wendt of Nitro High School and the Officers of the Nitronian Rho Kappa Chapter




Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr.

Assistant Director

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