Liberty Day Project

Liberty Day Project

Founded in 1996 by Andy McKean and his late wife, Kathy, Liberty Day is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), nonpartisan organization dedicated to educating all Americans, but especially the next generation, about the contents of the Constitution of the United States.

Liberty Day Kids with a Colorado State LegislatorLiberty Day and its programs are about working with educators and community organizations to ensure that every child in America knows and understands the essentials of our founding documents. Unlike many self-described nonpartisan organizations, Liberty Day truly strives to be just that. We reach out to Democrats and Republicans alike and have received endorsements from numerous members of both parties, along with independents. Liberty Day is firmly dedicated to the principle of educating youth with no opinions and no interpretations—just the facts.

Liberty Day KidsWhat do we do?

Liberty Day provides teachers with aComplete Educational Resource on the U.S. Constitution. This resource consists of a Teacher’s Packet containing a full lesson plan, two evaluation forms, and a multiple choice pre-test and post-test with which to assess the knowledge gained by the students. These materials accompany the Liberty Day Booklet containing the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and 24 perforated Q&A flashcards on the contents of the Constitution.

The Complete Educational Resource, which was developed by Liberty Day in cooperation teachers, curriculum leaders, and other partners within the field of education, is expressly designed to provide educators with the tools they need to effectively teach the document to their students.

We work alongside members of the community at all levels—from parents and attorneys to elected officials and college studnets—to provide kids, but particularly fifth graders, with engaging and interactive lessons with outside presenters.

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To learn more about Liberty Day’s exciting successes over the last year, click hereto view our 2009 Annual Report.