Civics & Law Academy

What is a Civics and Law Academy?

A “Civics and Law Academy” engages young people of middle school and high school age in learning about law and society. The purpose of an Academy is to prepare young people to be participants in our democratic society. In an Academy, knowledgeable, civically active adults share their expertise, experience, and enthusiasm for civic engagement with young participants. Academies may be conducted by lawyers, judges, teachers, youth workers, or other civic leaders. Each Civics and Law Academy provides participants with a minimum of eight (8) hours of curricular focus. As an Academy organizer, you may arrange your instructional hours to suit your specific situation. For example, an Academy may consist of four (4) two hour sessions or two (2) four hour sessions, or it might be planned as an overnight retreat to accommodate the time required.

Joey Wiseman                 

Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr.

Social Studies Coordinator

Office of Instruction