Nat Geo Grants Website

New Nat Geo Grants Website Is Live   
Our new grants website is finally live and ready for applications! Here is the current information about our new education grants.

National Geographic education grants will support projects that aim to teach people about the world and how it works, empowering them to make it a better place. Funded projects must align with one of the Society’s three focus lenses: The Human Journey, Wildlife and Wild Places, and Our Changing Planet. These lenses are described in more detail on the new grants website.

We are looking for educators who have new ideas for effective strategies in teaching and learning – at any age level, with any audience, and in any location – in the U.S. and internationally. We aim to support educators in formal and informal settings, in community education and outreach, and educator professional development.

We also seek projects that aim to measure what works in teaching and learning – educators who want to research and measure how learning takes place. This dovetails withNational Geographic’s Learning Framework: the set of attitudes, skills, and knowledge that embody the explorer mindset.

Grants will be awarded on a quarterly basis. Upcoming submission deadlines are:

  • April 1, 2017, for decision by August 21, 2017
  • July 1, 2017, for decision by November 30, 2017

Find grant guidelines and submit applications at