Space archaeologist

Dr. Sarah Parcak Launches Her TED Prize Wish: GlobalXplorer    

Dr. Sarah Parcak, a space archaeologist, has officially launched GlobalXplorer, a citizen science and archaeology platform that is enlisting people around the world to discover sites unknown to modern archaeologists.

Dr. Parcak is the 2016 TED Prize winner, a National Geographic Fellow and professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. GlobalXplorer is the result of Dr. Parcak’s TED Prize, which is generated each year to one exceptional individual, offering them $1 million and the resources of the TED community to create a world-changing project. Dr. Parcak wanted anyone with an Internet connection to “discover and protect the millions of unknown archaeological sites across the globe.”

GlobalXplorer was built in collaboration with the TED Prize, National Geographic, satellite imagery and analytics firm DigitalGlobe, Inc., and platform developer Mondo Robot. While GlobalXplorer has ambitions to span the globe, it is launching in Peru, where Sustainable Preservation Initiative will serve as the on-the-ground partner.