Tool Kit-Voting



Inspire WV, a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose goal is to inform students about the importance of voting and to get them registered, would like to have any of you who teach or have taught Civics/Government, review a Teacher Toolkit they have put together. The toolkit includes three modules with different types of activities in which students can engage to learn about civics, voting, civil discourse and even how to contact a legislator (includes info on calling, preparing for a meeting, how to present themselves etc.)


If any of you are interested in looking over the  booklet (I estimate about 2-3 hours) and providing comments they would be very grateful. They aren’t able to pay anyone, but I think you will find the toolkit useful and your feedback can help them make the product better for our students and teachers across the state.


If you are interested in reviewing the Toolkit please contact —

Olivia McCuskey
Program Coordinator, Inspire West Virginia
304-382-1497 | | |
1506 Kanawha Blvd W, Room 109, Charleston, WV 25312


Feel free to share this information with any colleagues who might be interested.


Thank you.


Allegra K.