Career Readiness standards for Social Studies

Reminder Policy 2520.4 West Virginia College- and Career Readiness standards for Social Studies are on public comment until May 16th at 4pm.


There are no major changes to the social studies content of the current courses.

  • A new numbering system,
  • removal of common core literacy standards and
  • the addition of grade band indicators will allow parents and teacher to guide and monitor progress.
  • Literacy skills are included in the grade band indicators. 
  • Three high school courses were added to provide more offerings to students.
  • Investigation of postsecondary education and workforce preparedness skills have been added to the personal finance standards in Civics.
  • This policy includes content standards that reflect a rigorous, challenging and focused curriculum.


Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr.

Executive Director

WVDE Office of Middle/Secondary Learning