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As most of you know Policy 2510 is currently out on comment.  One change is to Social Studies, many stakeholders actually requested that the social studies requirement be reduced from 4 credits to 3 like Science, however with allowing some flexibility you will notice that the proposed version of Policy 2510 retains 4 credits for social studies.  Below is the charts of the current social studies requirements along with the new proposed charts.  Below the charts I will clarify a few misconceptions that seem to be floating around out there.  I know Allegra is now the Social Studies contact however, when I see incorrect information being shared from the field I have to stop and go back to my social studies roots.  Let’ all keep in mind I am a social studies person so believe me when I say there was a lot of time and thought put into this policy to protect the integrity of our programs while offering students the courses that will most benefit them.


Current Required Proposed 2510
Social Studies* 4 credits

World Studies (Grade 9) or an AP® Social Studies course

United States Studies (Grade 10) or an AP® Social Studies course

Contemporary Studies or an AP® Social Studies course

Civics for the Next Generation or AP® Government and Politics.

Social Studies* 4 credits

World Studies or Geography or an AP® Social Studies course (see Chart V)

United States Studies or United State Studies-Comprehensive or AP® U.S. History

One additional Social Studies course or an AP® Social Studies course (see Chart V)

Civics for the Next Generation or AP® United States Government and Politics.

Current Optional Electives Proposed Additional Course Options
Social Studies* Economics


A minimum of one AP® social studies course

Other social studies courses based on student need and interest

Social Studies college courses

Additional AP® Social Studies courses

IB Program Courses

Social Studies* Contemporary Studies


A minimum of one AP® social studies course

AP® Art History

AP® Comparative Government and Politics

AP® European History

AP® Human Geography

AP® Macroeconomics

AP® Microeconomics

AP® Psychology

AP® World History

IB Program Courses


Social Studies college courses




You will notice that there are still 4 required credits for social studies.  You will also notice that counties may choose to offer World Studies or Geography, the option for an AP® course here has not changed at all.  The big change is for United States Studies in the current policy you will notice it says or an AP® Social Studies course, for years this has allowed student who take AP® to get around taking U.S. Studies or AP® US History.  The new proposed version of Policy 2510 will require every student to take either US Studies, AP® US History , or US Studies Comprehensive (which is a course that will cover US History from its inception to today, standards will be created if this is approved, along with standards for Psychology and Sociology). This change will require every students to have a US History/Studies Course before graduation.  There are no changes to Civics or AP® Government and Politics this is in state code.  Finally for the 4th credit, which we were able to retain, we will be able to allow students to personalize the type of social studies course they want to take to align with their interests or post-secondary education plans.


So to clarify the information that is being circulated around that this will eliminate students from taking US History, that is totally wrong, this policy will actually require it unlike the current policy.  Secondly, when you look up the definition of Geography you will notice that it is defined as the study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human activity as it affects and is affected by these, including the distribution of populations and resources, land use, and industries.  Is this not something that goes along with world history and would benefit our students?  Keep in mind we are still teaching World History in Grade 7.  Lastly I want to say that there is nothing in this Policy, other than requiring every student to take a US History Course, that will stop counties from doing exactly what they are doing now if they so choose.


If you have concerns or like the proposed changes please comment on the policy.  Also please feel free to ask Allegra or myself and further questions, we will be glad to respond with the correct information.




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