National Geographic Bee

National Geographic Bee 

The National Geographic Bee is a competition for public schools, private schools, and homeschools in the United States and its territories, as well as Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS). Schools with students in any of the grades 4-8 are eligible for this educational and entertaining contest. Registration is not open to individual students.


To register, use this site:


For more information contact Linda Poff


Time Sensitive!- iCivics

Dear Civic Educator,


Justice O’Connor’s iCivics needs to recruit 30 teachers by next week, or at least 1,000 students total, to playtest the popular game Argument Wars for testing with GlassLab. The purpose is to get information so we can help make assessments to go with games. Here is a snapshot of what we are after:

  • 30 – 35 teachers total (first come, first serve) which should be about a total of about 1200 kids
  • Teachers should have at least 35 kids (amongst many classes would be fine)
  • We want about 5 teachers per grade: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
  • Students need to have access to computers for about 2 hours total between 9/29 and 10/24.

You will be testing a new assessment feature embedded in Argument Wars. You’ll have access to innovative reports about how your students performed in the game, your students will learn about landmark Supreme Court cases — and you’ll get a certificate of participation from iCivics!


Interested? RSVP to Alison Atwater ( by 9/17/14. But hurry… participants are limited to 5 teachers per grade level and it’s first come first serve. Let Alison know if you have further questions.


Thank you so much!


Erin Braun

Director of Outreach

iCivics, Inc.



2001 S Street, NW Suite 400

Washington, DC 20009

Direct Line: 202-618-9398

Literacy in Social Studies

Social Studies IS literacy.…  Since Literacy is one of the FIVE STRANDS in our standards, it reflects how our content area meshes so well with this initiative.  5 Standards of Social Studies- LITERACY!  We need to continue to emphasize Literacy in our classes, as our discipline is “counted on” to support Literacy across the curriculum.   We use primary & secondary documents as our foundation,  and our lessons can impact learning throughout the year.  Continue to emphasize reading and writing in our content area to allow our subject to be relevant and realistic to learners.   Have students involved in writing in our content to support our standards, as we “write to learn.”  As we have long known, no matter the subject, everyone is a reading teacher!   In our schools social studies teachers are encouraged to mesh what we do with the English Language Arts teachers as their new standards contain documents rooted in history.  This will be  great opportunity for us to work across the curriculum to maximize literacy with all of our students!  Here are some materials to use as a resource in advancing literacy in your classes.

Social Studies-Teaching Reading Comprehension through Social Studies Readings

History:Social Studies | Grade 6-8

History:Social Studies-Grade 9-10

History:Social Studies | Grade 11-12


One driving force for us is social studies is to genuinely incorporate Document Based Questions (DBQ’s) into our lesson flow.  With the new evaluation system now in place when we use DBQs it will punctuate and drive learning as well as being a great tool for us to  provide evidence of the great things you are doing with your learners.   Resources can be found at

DBQ Resource page

Document Based Questions

WVDE Social Studies Development:

The Social Studies portion of WESTEST 2 includes 45 items per grade level.  Each test is comprised of 45 multiple-choice items, including               one Document Based Question (DBQ).  The DBQ consists of 4 to 8 documents with 6 to 8 accompanying multiple-choice items designed                 to scaffold knowledge and skill levels.  Each of the tests includes at least 2 graphic organizers to assist student thinking.  Approximately 900      items were written and reviewed for the final form selection of WESTEST 2.  Items were written using the specific                                                   Social Studies Item Writing Checklist.

Document-Based Questions – DBQ

Introduction – What are DBQ’s?

Course I

Historical Records: what, why, where and how.
A brief course on using historical records in the classroom.

Course II


  • Understand how document-based questions assess standards and performance indicators in the Learning Standards for Social Studies.
  • Gain knowledge of strategies for preparing students to write strong responses to DBQs.
  • Investigate processes and procedures for creating effective DBQ assessments.
  • Understand processes and procedures for rating DBQ essays.

Constitution Day- Sept 17th Tech Tip

OEPA 7.1

Courtesy- Jennifer Filipovich, FCS TIS

DOWNLOAD-    Tech Tip 2 Constitution Day

Tech Tip: Constitution Day

September 17, 2013


What’s Your Constitution IQ?” Interactive Quiz

Test your knowledge with the Fascinating Facts Quiz! Learn about the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights and so much more.

Share your Constitution I.Q. with friends and family then challenge them to try their hand at the Fascinating Facts Quiz! Click Here

U.S. Constitution Day Toolkit

Celebrate Constitution Day with crossword puzzles, treasure hunts and words finds – and much more! Click on the links below and share these free resources on Constitution Day.

Read Famous Quotes about the U.S. Constitution and Democracy.

Try our fun Crossword Puzzles!

Test Your Knowledge about the U.S. Constitution.

Explore to find answers to the Treasure Hunts.

Find the hidden words in our Word Finds.

Check out these important Dates To Remember.

Reference our Glossary of Terms


Jennifer Filipovich

Technology Integration Specialist

Fayette County Schools

Fayetteville, WV 25840


TIS Blog

TIS Portaportal

WV Social Studies Fair- National History Day rules

The State Social Studies Fair and National History Day rules will remain the same this year.  All high school students will participate in National History Day.

High School National History Day Exhibits will have to go through county and RESA fairs.  All other National History Day entry types (e.g. Performance, website, etc.) and middle school National History Day Projects will come driectly to the state fair again this year.  County and RESA coordinators will still be responsible for submitting information for all Social Studies Fair and National History Day entries, including those who qualify to come direclty to State Fair/History Day.

All other Elementary and Middle School students will continue to participiate in the traditional Social Studies Fair.  The website should be up and running this week.

Click the graphic below to enlarge for details:



EverFi’s online financial literacy


On behalf of Michael Oliver:

Free Social Studies Program:

Middle and high school Social Studies teachers now have access to EverFi’s online financial literacy and civic learning programs at no cost. EverFi’s learning programs were created in conjunction with Sandra Day O’Connor’s iCivics company and Dr. Clayborne Carson of Stanford University. 17 West Virginia districts utilized EverFi’s programs last year with great success.

Any teacher or school interested in using these turnkey resources can contact Mike Oliver at to obtain their registration code and supplemental resources.



Demo Video








Course Length



Get Started



EverFi – Financial Literacy



Gear Up!


Personal Finance


Savings, Banking,

Payment Types, Credit Score,

Financing Higher Ed,

Renting v. Owning,

Taxes & Insurance,

Consumer Fraud, Investing



6 hours









Email Mike Oliver:



Commons – Digital Town Square



American History

Rights & Responsibilities,

Civic Change, Civil Rights,

US Role in World Affairs,

National/State/Local Gov’t,

Constitution, Judicial Branch,

Supreme Court

Writing an Op-Ed



5 hours


306 – African American History


American History

Any SS class in February

Slavery Period,

Emancipation & Reconstruction,

Jim Crow Period,

Civil Rights Period & Beyond

Writing an Analytical Essay




2.5 hours

Stossel in the Classroom


September 2014 NewsletterHaving trouble viewing this email? CLICK HERE to view in your browser
FREE 2015 Edition DVD Available NOW! Use this link to come to our site to order our brand-new 2015 Edition DVD. The DVD includes eight new video segments covering social studies, civics, economics, government, science, law, business, and psychology; both English and Spanish subtitles; and an accompanying Teacher Guide (also in English and Spanish) containing lesson plans, graphic organizers, activity suggestions, viewing guides, assessment, and vocabulary. Full segment descriptions available here. Order yours today! we did last year, we’re also making our DVD segments available as streaming video from our site. That means you have access to the segments immediately, rather than having to wait for delivery of the DVD! You just have to be logged in on our site to view them.

Need Economics? Our newest Economics DVD, The Power of Markets, is also available for purchase. This 80-minute DVD, intended for high school and college students, includes 16 video segments focusing on microeconomics. We’re offering both of our economics DVDs at a special set price. Use this link to get more details:

While you’re on our site, check out our other free offerings, such as streaming video clips from John Stossel TV shows and specials, as well as our long list of links to other free online resources available to teachers.

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Stossel in the Classroom
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Materials for Constitution Day

Teaching Materials for Constitution Day

Justice by the People, the ABOTA Foundation’s free online curriculum, developed by Scholastic, Inc., was revised this spring and aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Language Arts.

There are 9 lesson plans (6 on the jury system) ready for teachers to use in the classroom on Constitution Day to meet the federal requirement to teach about the Constitution on September 17th.

The website includes the engaging Make Your Casecourtroom simulation game that students can play in one or two class periods.  There are also 17 printables including fact sheets, vocabulary lists and timelines on the Constitution, the Right to Vote and the Right to Trial by Jury.

Check them out at Scholastic/American Justice and please share them with your teacher friends.

National History Day





National History Day (NHD) announces the 100 Leaders in World History program, sponsored by Kenneth E. Behring. The 100 Leaders in World History program is designed to help students and the public better understand leadership by reviewing the leadership qualities and legacies of great leaders from the past.


For this project, NHD partnered with George Mason University’s Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media to bring together a leading panel of historians, teachers, and students, tasked with identifying 100 world leaders in history who left a lasting legacy. The program includes a gallery of 100 significant leaders in world history, 100 days in which the public can vote on the leaders by rating them on five dimensions of leadership, and a set of classroom resources to help educators engage young people in a study of leadership and legacy in history.


Are you ready to lead?