Literacy in Social Studies

Social Studies IS literacy.…  Since Literacy is one of the FIVE STRANDS in our standards, it reflects how our content area meshes so well with this initiative.  5 Standards of Social Studies- LITERACY!  We need to continue to emphasize Literacy in our classes, as our discipline is “counted on” to support Literacy across the curriculum.   We use primary & secondary documents as our foundation,  and our lessons can impact learning throughout the year.  Continue to emphasize reading and writing in our content area to allow our subject to be relevant and realistic to learners.   Have students involved in writing in our content to support our standards, as we “write to learn.”  As we have long known, no matter the subject, everyone is a reading teacher!   In our schools social studies teachers are encouraged to mesh what we do with the English Language Arts teachers as their new standards contain documents rooted in history.  This will be  great opportunity for us to work across the curriculum to maximize literacy with all of our students!  Here are some materials to use as a resource in advancing literacy in your classes.

Social Studies-Teaching Reading Comprehension through Social Studies Readings

History:Social Studies | Grade 6-8

History:Social Studies-Grade 9-10

History:Social Studies | Grade 11-12