Geography Awareness Week 11/16-22

This year Geography Awareness Week will be held on Nov. 1622 Attached please find the WV Geographic Alliance flyer on the poster contest they sponsor in regard to Geography Awareness Week.  This year’s theme is The Future of Food and the following are some links to information found on the National Geographic website regarding the past and future of food.


National Geographic Article on Evolution of Diet with several short videos about the diets of diverse groups of people around the world.

Graphic showing the Similarity of a country’s diet to that of the rest of the world


National Geographic Page with several Articles on Food and the 2050 initiative to feed the world


National Geographic – Geography Awareness Week Observance Ideas on How to Host a Geography Event



In addition to the Poster contest flyer, I am also attaching the WV Geographic Alliance Membership form that will need to be attached to any entries submitted to the WV Geographic Alliance and the Geography Awareness Week Poster Entry Form that will need to come to me.

April Fields

George Washington High School

Social Studies Department

AP World History

World Studies