Speak Up Survey


The 2013 Speak Up Survey is open through December 20. This national survey is completely voluntary and participation is not required by the WVDE. However, this survey may provide insight into community viewpoints about key educational issues, particularly concerning 21st century education and technology. The results of the survey will be available to participating schools in February.


I know this is late notice with only two weeks before the survey closes. But, there is still time to encourage participation among students, parents, teachers and administrators if you would like to solicit their feedback. Anyone can complete the survey. Only students are asked to provide a password, which is su_wv.


Steps for completing the 2013 Speak Up Survey:

1.      Go to http://www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2013/

2.      Choose the Parent, Educator, Community Member or Student survey

Student Survey password is su_wv

3.      Enter the zip code or chose WV to search for your school

4.      Complete the survey