National History Day Q&A


Do you have questions about the rules for the National History Day contest? We are here to answer them!

On Tuesday, December 10, 2013 from 4:00-6:00pm ETNHD will be holding an online discussion about the NHD contest rules where staff members will address questions from teachers, students and parents. (If you are not available during this time, don’t fret! All questions and answers will be posted on the WVDE social studies website for your convenience.)


What do I do? If you would like, you can send us questions ahead of time from December 6 – 9 by emailinginfo@nhd.orgPlease make sure you have “NHD RULES DISCUSSION” in your email subject line. To send us questions during the 4 – 6 pm discussion time, follow the chat instructions included on the following page.

Where do I go to see the discussion? Go online to the National History Day website, There will be a button on the homepage that will take you to the Rules Discussion page. Once on this page, follow the chat instructions.

Please remember that this discussion is about NHD rules; unrelated questions will be addressed at a later time. (You can always send your other questions to Please also be aware that appropriate questions and behavior are expected. NHD staff reserve the right to remove questions and block contributors should we deem your actions to be inappropriate.

Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr.

Assistant Director

Office of Secondary Learning

Instructional Materials

Social Studies