Emancipating West Virginia

Emancipating West Virginia: Abe Lincoln Creates a State”

Harold Holzer

7:30 PM, Thursday, October 17

The Culture Center, Charleston


Free and open to the public. Seating is first come, first served. A book signing and reception will follow the program.

With the Civil War raging Abraham Lincoln asked his cabinet to debate the question of a new state joining the Union. The president ultimately decided in favor of admission and West Virginia was born on June 20, 1863.


Harold Holzer examines Lincoln’s decision for the 2013 McCreight Lecture. Holzer is a leading authority on Lincoln and the political culture of the Civil War era. He served as co-chairman of the Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and is a National Humanities Medal recipient. A prolific writer and speaker, Holzer was script consultant for the critically acclaimed Steven Spielberg film, Lincoln.


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