Constitution Day- September 17th, 2013

Constitution Day

Robert C. Byrd inserted a provision into a massive spending bill that Congress passed in 2004 requiring every school and college that receives federal money to teach about the Constitution on Sept. 17, the day it was adopted in 1787. This year Constitution Day is being observed on Tuesday,  September 17, 2013.  Throughout his life, the West Virginia Democrat kept a copy of the Constitution in his pocket.

The federal government does not dictate when or how to implement the lesson. It was Senator Byrd’s intention that educators use creativity and find interesting ways to teach the lessons of the Constitution.  You may determine what kind of program you want to organize, (for example assembly, school play or reenactment, closed-circuit TV broadcast throughout the building followed by classroom discussion.) Below you will find a list of current resources available online to assist you with lesson plans, primary source documents, biographies, role-play scenarios and other activities too numerous to mention.