Teen Entrepreneurship Summit

We have sponsorships for every WV high school and career school.  Sponsorships cover all the fee but $50.  Students are responsible for the $50 or to find a sponsor.

Ohio-West Virginia Youth Leadership Association


Teen Entrepreneurship Summit . . . Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Service, Friends and Fun!

Who is Eligible?

ANY High School students who want to learn, participate and build their futures are eligible.

Getting Down to Business!

Hands on, learn by doing with teens, camp counselors, business persons, entrepreneurs and others engaging in the principles of business and entrepreneurship.


Teens learn skills of organization to get things done, communication, teamwork, how to help groups succeed through effective governance.


Students, parents or local sponsors may pay the total fee or a student may apply for a scholarship provided by business, industry, civic groups, foundations, individuals, and others.


You’ll make friends for a lifetime with people who care, listen and encourage you.


Be ready for days full of great times in active learning sessions with plenty time forrecreation, sports, music, the great outdoors, campfires, talent show, swimming and much more!


You’ll experience the value of doing good things for others, how to improve your school and community and basically how to build a better world.


Arrive on Sunday from 2—4:00 p.m. Leave on Saturday after 9:00 a.m. Only register if you can and will attend for the total time.

To Register

Mail completed registration form to

Entrepreneurship Summit, Horse-shoe Leadership Center, 3309 Horseshoe Run Rd., Parsons, WV 26287-9029.

Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr.

Social Studies Coordinator

Office of Instruction