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The New Yorker has an interesting article on Calvin Coolidge…. here is an excerpt plus a link to the original…..

From the NEW YORKER MAGAZINE, March 11, 2013



A biographer speaks up for Calvin Coolidge.

BY     MARCH 11, 2013

Coolidge (photographed around 1924) is heralded by Amity Shlaes as

Coolidge (photographed around 1924) is heralded by Amity Shlaes as “a rare kind of hero: a minimalist president, an economic general of budgeting and tax cuts.”

“Coolidge is, in American memory, a cluster of anecdotes, a minor legend embraced largely for its irony: the taciturn figure at odds with the jazzed-up, boozing, and crazily acquisitive decade over which he came to preside; a tortoise reigning over hares, cutting budgets while the citizenry bought their way, on margin, toward doom. Only a few years after the Great War turned the United States into a world power, he set out to shrink the size and reach of its government, to hark back instead of race forward…”

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Article Courtesy New Yorker Magazine, March 11, 2013 

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