3 Rivers WV Documentary


A new 90-minute documentary from West Virginia Public Broadcasting explores the economic, environmental, cultural, historical and geographic impact of the largest federally protected system of rivers east of the Mississippi. Three Rivers: The Bluestone, Gauley and New examines the ongoing relationship between mankind and nature in this region. The film is a combination of travelogue, examination of efforts to improve the environment, and a mechanism for promoting economic growth through tourism.

Three Rivers is available for viewing on West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s YouTube channel.


In addition, each school and library system in West Virginia will receive a complimentary DVD for classroom use. The Department of Education will distribute these through the usual delivery channels.

If you view the documentary, alone or as part of a lesson plan, we’d love to hear your feedback so that we can improve upon future endeavors. Please send an e-mail to: feedback@wvpubast.org with Three Rivers in the subject line. Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr. Social Studies Coordinator Office of Instruction.


Robert “Joey” Wiseman Jr. Social Studies Coordinator