Digital Docs in a Box

Here is a great resource for:

  • ·         Westward Expansion
  • ·         Chinese Immigration
  • ·         Social Change
  • ·         Imperialism
  • ·         Women’s Suffrage
  • ·         Great Depression
  • ·         Japanese Internment
  • ·         Civil Rights
  • ·         Native Americans
  • ·         Transportation
  • ·         Presidential Inaugurations

The resources are full of documents and photographs


A partnership between the College of William & Mary School of Education, the University of Kentucky College of Education,
and the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Program

The investigations below include everything from Jamestown to When Elvis Met Nixon!


In partnership with the College of William & Mary School of EducationUniversity of Kentucky School of Education
and the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Program

Thanks Joey Wiseman, WVDE