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Next Generation Social Studies

As we start the new school year, we have new Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives for Social Studies to implement this year.  To clear up any confusion about the Next Generations Social Studies Standards and Objectives in West Virginia:  They were approved by the State Board of Education in February.  They became effective on July 1, 2012.  There will not be a roll out as there as been for ELA and Math.  The Next Generation Social Studies Standards and Objectives are in effect in grade K-12 during the 2012-2013 school year.  They can be found on the Policy Page of the WVDE website, and also be found on Teach21 under the interactive Next Generation Standards and Objectives along with the new ELA and Math.
    Kindergarten (page 10)
    1st grade  (page 15)
    2nd grade  (page 20)
    3rd grade  (page 25)
    4th grade  (page 32)
    5th grade  (page 38)

Below you will find answers to questions that you might have:

  • The current classroom materials were adopted before the current 21st Century Standards were in place, so they were not aligned totally to begin with. New instructional materials for Social Studies will be in the classrooms in the Fall of 2013.

  • A staff member from the WVDE Assessment office was actually at the table as the objectives were being written. A realignment of Westest2 is underway as we speak and it looks as though we are still in alignment with the Next Generation Standards. There will not be a new test created and no new questions will be added. As we keep in mind that there are little to no stand alone content questions on the test, the implementation of the new Literacy standards should help increase scores on the test. We have to prepare our students by letting them know that their skills as a historian, geographer, economist, and etc. will be assessed not independent bits of knowledge.

  • The textbook is a resource, however the world is full of primary source documents, interactive maps, guest speakers, online resources and an entire array of materials that Social Studies teachers are able to use in their classrooms, let the standards and objectives guide your teaching not the textbook.

  • The Electronic Resource Packages on Teach21 are realigned to the new objectives. They have been moved from the main page to the instructional plans tab under curriculum. During the 2012-2013 school year other resources on Teach21 will be aligned to the new standards and objectives.

  • The new History Clusters will help teachers in grades K-11 guide instruction.

  • Elementary teachers should be aware that the K-4 WV objectives have been embedded into grade specific K-5 history standards.

  • The History component of Social Studies should be taught as a story if we want students to retain the information. The other areas of Social Studies; Civics, Geography, Economics, and Literacy should be embedded within the story when possible and made meaningful to the students. Skills from all the areas will still need to be addressed and taught but make it meaningful for the students and make sure they understand why it is important for them to know this information.

  • You may find some helpful deisolating objective forms under the professional development tab on this page. These are not required and are not meant to be a curriculumn map, only a tool for individual teacher use as you plan your school year.

  • Common State Standards (common core) for Social studies are still in the development stages. If and when they are presented and complete they are only the standards. Each state will still have to develop their own objectives (which we have already done) and decide at what grade levels specific content will be addressed.

  • The SASS institute this summer trained individuals who are able to deliver professional development on the Next Generation Social Studies Standards and Objectives at the local and RESA levels.

  • The teachers who attended the SASS institute were given a list of resources for Social Studies.

  • Thinkfinity Resources have been aligned to the Next Generation Social Studies Standards and Objectives.