Ideal 21st Century classroom

This video is only 3 minutes long.  I urge you to watch it twice.

1st viewing – just watch


2nd viewing

Watch it again from the beginning and take note of a few items:

  1. The students have clear task – build a bridge.  They know exactly what is expected.
  2. The students are fully aware of their progress.  No need to ask the teacher what their grade is.  They see it all the time.
  3. The students are using technology but it isn’t about the tech.  It is about  THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING
  4. There is parent involvement.
  5. There is involvement from experts outside the classroom.
  6. The teacher is in full control and can see the progress of every student, instantly.
  7. The students are engaged in a project that actually applies to the real world.  It is APPLICABLE.
  8. Several classrooms were connected together.
  9. Assessment was continuous, without ever having a standard paper based, fill in the blank test.
  10. This project involved math, science, social studies, technology, collaboration, problem solving, problem based learning and student engagement ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  (As opposed to doing 50 math problems on a worksheet.)

Here’s the thing, while the exact technology doesn’t exist in our classrooms yet, the concept is absolutely doable TODAY!  Most of the concepts and similar technologies in the video are available readily in our classrooms and yet the remain largely unused.

We have people all over the state that are trained to bring these ideas to life.  You just have to be willing to try.

Please share this message.


Respectfully submitted,

Mark Moore

Office of Instructional Technology