National WW 2 Museum

The National WWII Museum is a wonderful educational resource for K-12 teachers and students.

Our award winning Virtual Field Trips are a great way for students to learn about WWII. One of our museum educators will videoconference with students to analyze maps, photographs, artifacts, posters, speeches, songs and much more to explore the many fascinating chapters from WWII. Topics include everything from Pearl Harbor to Women during WWII.

Turn students into history detectives with Operation Footlocker, a traveling artifact program that sends footlockers with real WWII artifacts across the country to offer students a unique hands-on way to explore the history and lessons of WWII. Students put on white gloves and examine ration books, magazines and even sand from Iwo Jima. Footlockers come with teacher manuals that describe and explain how to “read” each artifact.

In addition, lesson plans, student bibliographies and research help, oral histories and primary source materials, interactive educational games and much more are available online. In January, our 2013 Student Essay Contest will begin-this contest is a great way for students to get their work published online and win money for college.

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-Joey Wiseman, WVDE social studies coordinator