YouTube & TED info

Now ALL teachers in West Virginia have full AND INSTANT access to all of  YouTube!  When anyone tries to go to they will get a new screen instead of the standard deny screen.  This new screen will ask for your WebTop log in information.  If the credentials are from a teacher they will proceed directly to  If the credentials are from a student they will get they standard deny screen.  A teacher can always ask that a good video be unblocked for everyone.  This is called our “whitelist”.  Here are a series of short video explanations:
White listing YouTube videos for student access:
New TED Talks
Older and still great TED Talks
TED EDUCATION, Lessons worth Sharing
  • 86 video lessons, turned into over 4,000 different “flipped” lessons
  • The ability to take ANY Youtube video and turn it into a “flipped lesson”
  • Instant student management so you can see who has watched the video and answered your questions.
A sample lesson that I have created and shared with you. (You will be prompted to create a login.  Only do this if you want to save your answers like you would in an actual class.)
Above thanks to Mark Moore WVDE
Still blocked?